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Born in Philadelphia in 1839, Henry George went on to San Francisco and became a newspaper editor who addressed the social problems of his day. On a visit to New York, he was shocked by the contrast between wealth and poverty. He resolved to find a solution, if he could. The result was Progress and Poverty, published in 1879, which is said to be the all-time best selling book on economics.

Edited and abridged for modern readers by Bob Drake.

First published in 1879, Progress and Poverty has sold millions of copies around the world. This masterpiece of political economy goes to the root cause of why economic development causes wealth and want to increase side by side.

‘To remove the fear of want, to give to all classes comfort and independence – this would be like giving water to a desert. Consider the possibilities if society gave opportunity to all. Factory workers are now turned into machines; children grow up in squalor, vice and ignorance. They need but the opportunity to bring forth powers of the highest order. Talents now hidden, virtues unsuspected, would come forth to make human life richer, fuller happier.

‘Political economy has been called the dismal science. As currently taught, it is indeed hopeless and despairing. Yet, in its proper symmetry, political economy is radiant with hope. When understood correctly, the laws governing the production and distribution of wealth demonstrate that poverty and injustice are not inevitable.’
Henry George, 1879