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Land Value Taxation

This collection of essays by a distinguished interdisciplinary group of scholars examines various aspects of Henry George’s argument and considers how relevant they might be to current concerns. It includes four previously unpublished essays by the 1996 Nobel laureate, William Vickrey.

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Christianity and Social Order

Poses challenging and essential questions on the relationship between Christianity and the nature of society. William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1942 until his death in 1944, pointed out that it is the role of the Church to provide the teaching and enunciation of principle upon which the moral foundation of society rests.

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The Power in the Land

The author argues that land speculation is the major cause of depressions. He shows how the land market functions to distort the relations between labour and capital and how land speculation periodically chokes off economic expansion.

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The Land Question

In his published works, George gave to the world a three-fold economic legacy: political, intellectual, and moral. This is perhaps clearest in this volume, which brings together three of his famous works: The Land Question, Property in Land, and The Condition of Labour.

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Land and Taxation

Economists know that the optimum conditions for private enterprise are achieved when taxes on the earned incomes of labour and capital are reduced to zero but, because neoclassical economic theory insists on treating land as capital, they dismiss the obvious alternative to taxing labour and capital – the unearned income from land.

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LIE of the LAND

The culture of deception that underpins the economics of agriculture is documented by Dr Duncan Pickard in this hard-hitting exposé. Governments and lobbyists manipulate statistics to disguise the real incomes of farmers, to justify the subsidies that enrich a relatively few big landowners.

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The Royal Law

The title of the book is taken from words addressed to the Sovereign during the coronation service which, the author points out, plays a much more important part in the life of our nation than is generally recognised…

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