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Overcoming Poverty

In Progress and Poverty Henry George sought the ‘cause of industrial depressions and the increase of want with the increase of wealth’ and offered a ‘remedy’ which remains as relevant to the problems of poverty and inequality we face today, as when he first wrote, but it also opens a new way of dealing with environmental pollution.

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A History of Land Value Taxation in Pittsburgh

Further Reading: Land-Value Taxation by Kenneth C. Wenzer Land and Taxation by Nicolaus Tideman A Philosophy for a Fair Society by Michael Hudson, G. J. Miller and Kris Feder This essay on Pittsburgh by Ian Hopton follows the...

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Tony Blair initiative to solve housing crisis

Further Reading: Ricardo’s Law by Fred Harrison Rent Unmasked by Fred Harrison No Debt, High Growth, Low Tax by Andrew Purves The Observer (3rd Dec) revealed a new initiative to tackle the housing crisis from the Tony...

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