promoting-common-goodPromoting the Common Good


Rev Marcus Braybrooke is an Anglican Priest, Peace Councillor, President of the World Congress of Faiths…
Dr Kamran Mofid taught economics at universities for 20 years…

ISBN 978 0 85683 231 4 | Price: £9.95

globalisationGlobalisation for the Common Good

Despite a vast increase in world trade and many achievements in science, technology, medicine, transportation and communications, the global economy faces gross disparities of income, both within and between nations, and environmental degradation.

ISBN 0 85683 195 6 | Price: £10.95

philosophy-fair-societyA Philosophy for a Fair Society


Despite the Welfare State and the redistribution of income through the tax system, the gap between the rich and poor continues to grow both within and between nations. The authors offer a different approach and argue that governments will fail unless they shake off the economic orthodoxy…

ISBN 0 85683 161 1 | Price: £12.95

public-revenue-without-taxationPublic Revenue Without Taxation

Gordon Brown was a past-master at sneaking in new taxes by stealth, but his efforts were merely the latest in a long line of Chancellors desperate to extract more money from reluctant taxpayers.

ISBN 085683 135 2 | Price: £18.00

non-violent-pathA Non-violent Path to Conflict Resolution and Peace Building

| | |

This book presents a multidisciplinary array of essays offering new perspectives on how religion can affect the pursuit of world peace in the age of globalisation.

ISBN 978 975 303 096 6 | Price: £18.95

land-value-taxationLand Value Taxation

This collection of essays by a distinguished interdisciplinary group of scholars examines various aspects of Henry George’s argument and considers how relevant they might be to current concerns. It includes four previously unpublished essays by the 1996 Nobel laureate, William Vickrey.

ISBN 978 0 85683 182 9 | Price: £14.95

christianity-smallChristianity and Social Order

Poses challenging and essential questions on the relationship between Christianity and the nature of society. William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1942 until his death in 1944, pointed out that it is the role of the Church to provide the teaching and enunciation of principle upon which the moral foundation of society rests.

ISBN 978 0 85683 025 9 | Price: £8.95

power-smallThe Power in the Land

The author argues that land speculation is the major cause of depressions. He shows how the land market functions to distort the relations between labour and capital and how land speculation periodically chokes off economic expansion.

Paperback ISBN 0 85683 067 4 | Hardback ISBN 0 85683 109 3 | Paperback Price £10.95 | Hardback Price £25.00

tolstoy-smallTolstoy: Principles for a New world Order

Famous as a novelist, Tolstoy the social philosopher is less well known and understood. He devoted the last thirty years of his life to a search for principles on which a just society could be based.

ISBN 085683 134 4 | Price £10.95

from-wasteland-smallFrom Wasteland to Promised Land: Liberation Theology for a Post-Marxist World


This book offers liberation theologians a non-socialist model for achieving their goal of economic justice. Stymied by the persistence of poverty worldwide, persons of good will search for realistic models of social transformation. From Wasteland to Promised Land is such a book.

ISBN 085683 133 6 | Price £ 10.95