progress-poverty03Progress and Poverty (Full Ed., Paperback)

First published in 1879, Progress and Poverty has old millions of copies around the world. This masterpiece of political economy goes to the root cause of why economic development causes wealth and want to increase side by side.

ISBN 9780911312584 | Price:£14.95

science-political-economyThe Science of Political Economy

Henry George realised that the lack of a clear understanding of economics was the main obstacle to realising the reform he proposed in Progress and Poverty. In this book his aim was to set out ‘in clear and systematic form the main principles of political economy’.

ISBN 9780911312485 | Price: £10.95

possibility-progressThe Possibility of Progress

Drawing on evolutionary biology, the history of ideas, cultural anthropology, economic history, moral philosophy and social psychology, the book summarises key contributions from each in a style accessible to the general reader.

ISBN 9780856832260 | Price: £14.95

rule-lawThe Rule of Law & Other Essays

The challenge of the twenty-first century is how to establish access to the resources of the earth for the whole population so that the able-bodied can support themselves. The welfare state can then be slimmed down to no more than is necessary to provide for the diseased and disabled.

ISBN 9780856832352 | Price: £14.95

promoting-common-goodPromoting the Common Good


Rev Marcus Braybrooke is an Anglican Priest, Peace Councillor, President of the World Congress of Faiths…
Dr Kamran Mofid taught economics at universities for 20 years…

ISBN 9780856832314 | Price: £9.95

globalisationGlobalisation for the Common Good

Despite a vast increase in world trade and many achievements in science, technology, medicine, transportation and communications, the global economy faces gross disparities of income, both within and between nations, and environmental degradation.

ISBN 9780856831959 | Price: £10.95

philosophy-fair-societyA Philosophy for a Fair Society


Despite the Welfare State and the redistribution of income through the tax system, the gap between the rich and poor continues to grow both within and between nations. The authors offer a different approach and argue that governments will fail unless they shake off the economic orthodoxy…

ISBN 9780856831614 | Price: £12.95

public-revenue-without-taxationPublic Revenue Without Taxation

Gordon Brown was a past-master at sneaking in new taxes by stealth, but his efforts were merely the latest in a long line of Chancellors desperate to extract more money from reluctant taxpayers.

ISBN 9780856831355 | Price: £18.00

non-violent-pathA Non-violent Path to Conflict Resolution and Peace Building

| | |

This book presents a multidisciplinary array of essays offering new perspectives on how religion can affect the pursuit of world peace in the age of globalisation.

ISBN 9789753030966 | Price: £18.95

land-value-taxationLand Value Taxation

This collection of essays by a distinguished interdisciplinary group of scholars examines various aspects of Henry George’s argument and considers how relevant they might be to current concerns. It includes four previously unpublished essays by the 1996 Nobel laureate, William Vickrey.

ISBN 9780856831829 | Price: £14.95