Economics Prizes for Anthony Werner and Fred Harrison

Further Reading:

Rent Unmasked
by Fred Harrison

The Power in the Land
by Fred Harrison

Progress and Poverty
by Henry George

At a recent event, the Council of Georgist Organizations Conference, Anthony Werner and Fred Harrison were honoured for their contributions to Ethical Economics.

Fred Harrison, the author of Rent Unmasked, The Power in the Land and several other books about Land-Value Taxation received the prize for Economic Justice: Educator. Anthony Werner, Publisher and owner of Shepheard-Walwyn publishers was awarded the Economic Justice: Advocate Award. Both were honoured for their contribution to the field of Georgist Economics, where Land-Value taxation is seen as a crucial way of introducing a more fair society for all. Several of the books in Shepheard-Walwyn’s Ethical Economics list look at this economic theory in some detail. For a basic introduction take a look around this Ethical Economics website or dip into some of our books.

Here is a video in which Anthony accepts the awards on behalf of both gentlemen.

Anthony was the guest speaker at the event. A video of his talk, A Principled Approach to Economics can be found here.

Rent Unmasked: Winner of The People’s Book Prize Best Achievement Award

We are delighted to congratulate Fred Harrison on the receipt of his Best Achievement Award. After June’s election result it is clear that many of the UK’s population are no longer supportive of the Conservatives’ austerity measures and are looking for a way to introduce equality and reduce poverty. This book outlines a way this might be achieved.

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The People’s Budget

Further Reading: The People's Budget by Geoffrey Lee Rent Unmasked by Fred Harrison Public Revenue Without Taxation by Ronald Burgess In his first budget the Chancellor of the Exchequer had the opportunity to set a course for Britain’s prosperity post Brexit and to...

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A History of Land-Value Taxation in New Zealand

Further Reading: Ricardo’s Law by Fred Harrison (ed.) New Zealand holds a rather special status in that it was notably the first country to introduce a system of land-value taxation for raising revenue. This essay, by Ian Hopton, traces the fortunes of Land-Value...

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Rent Unmasked – A book for the people?

Further Reading: Rent Unmasked by Fred Harrison (ed.) Rent Unmasked has been chosen for the Winter 2016/17 heat of The People's Book Prize for Non-Fiction. This competition is based purely on public votes - so we need your help. Successful books from the heats are...

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“You can become wealthy by creating wealth or by appropriating the wealth created by other people. When the appropriation of the wealth is illegal it is called theft or fraud. When it is legal economists call it rent-seeking”

John Kay, Financial Times 27th Dec 2009

“If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, they cannot save the few who are rich.”

John F Kennedy, Inaugural Speech, Jan 1961

“If science is defined by its ability to forecast the future, the failure of much of the economics profession to see the crisis coming should be a cause for great concern”

Joseph Stiglitz

“Today we live in a world that is divided. A world in which we have made great progress and advances in science and technology. But it is also a world where millions of children die because they have no access to medicines… It is a world of great promise and hope. It is also a world of despair, disease and hunger”

Nelson Mandela


Rent Unmasked

Rent UnmaskedRent Unmasked explores the new economic paradigm that policy-makers need to solve global problems in the post-2008 era. With conventional economic theories discredited, the new model must equip governments with tools to re-stabilise societies in a dangerous world. Rent Unmasked explains why one paradigm only qualifies to serve this purpose: the dynamic model that reinstates time and space in economic theorising.

ISBN 9780856835117 | Price: £19.95