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South African Land Reform

According to Meintjes, the land reform in South Africa has largely been regarded as unsuccessful. 90% of the commercial land which was redistributed has now been left unproductive according to government records. The country has high taxes on labour and VAT which cripples industry. There is a large variation in land values and productivity within the country so rural towns are becoming derelict due to high levels of taxation on industrial activity.

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It’s taxation, stupid

After the divisions of the referendum, it is time to pull together to make a success of the people’s choice. The future is not without hope, but it does mean appreciating why so many ordinary working people voted Leave and showing that in a United Kingdom there is a way forward where conditions can be improved for everybody.

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The State of Freedom and Justice

We all want freedom, we all want justice, yet few have given much thought to how such a state could be organised. The author, an original thinker, has taken a multi-disciplinary approach in seeking an answer, reading widely over 35 years in the realms of Politics and Economics, Sociology and Philosophy, History and Law.

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The case for taxing land

The case for taxing land has been raised in a number of articles recently. For example, The Economist leader (4th April) argued that ‘governments should impose higher taxes on the value of land’, pointing out that ‘land taxes are efficient’ and ‘difficult to dodge’. It also noted the important distinction between property taxes, such as the Council Tax, which values the building and the land on which it stands, whereas a land-value tax values the land only. The former discourages investment because it would push up the tax payable. A land-value tax does not have that negative effect, on the contrary a land-value tax ‘creates an incentive to develop unused sites’. A land-value tax is also a means of automatically recovering for the public purse expenditure on infrastructure through the uplift in land values consequent upon the investment.

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Our Land, Our Rent, Our Jobs

The authors set out a proposal to unleash their country’s potential for growth in a way that benefits investors and the poorest by reforming taxation – a blueprint for other developing countries. The rapid development of Taiwan and South Korea in the 1950s and 1960s owed much to a similar, business-friendly tax reform.

ISBN 9780856835049 | Price: £19.95

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Missing the Land

Further Reading: The Corruption of Economics by Mason Gaffney and Fred Harrison Progress and Poverty by Henry George A New Model of the Economy by Brian Hodgkinson The Science of Economics by Raymond Makewell Public Revenue...

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Can Taxation Be Fair?

Further Reading: Globalisation for the Common Good by Kamran Mofid Public Revenue Without Taxation by Dr Ronald Burgess Following the outcry over tax avoidance schemes Anthony Werner was invited to submit a guest blog to the...

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Why is so much wealth in the hands of so few?

Further Reading: The Power in the Land by Fred Harrison Progress and Poverty by Henry George The Corruption of Economics by Fred Harrison and Mason Gaffney Land-Value Taxation by Kenneth  Wenzer The Occupy Wall Street protesters...

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The Land Question

Further Reading: Eradicating Ecocide by Polly Higgins Stewardship Economy by Julian Pratt The Land Question by Henry George Two recent articles have drawn attention to pioneering efforts by the government of Bolivia to change...

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Let’s Abolish Taxes and Collect Rent

Further Reading: Ricardo’s Law by Fred Harrison Land Value Taxation by Kenneth C. Wenzer Progress and Poverty by Henry George Re-Solving the Economic Puzzle by Walter Rybeck Public Revenue Without Taxation by Ronald...

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What would a new economics and economy look like?

Further Reading: Globalisation for the common good by Kamran Mofid Dr Kamran Mofid  is the author of Development Planning in Iran, The Economic Consequences of the Gulf War and Promoting the Common Good: Bringing Economics and...

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