Rent Unmasked – A book for the people?

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Rent Unmasked
by Fred Harrison (ed.)

Rent Unmasked has been chosen for the Winter 2016/17 heat of The People’s Book Prize for Non-Fiction. This competition is based purely on public votes – so we need your help. Successful books from the heats are entered into the final, which occurs annually.

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Rent Unmasked was published in 2016. It is a collection of essays in honour of Mason Gaffney edited by Fred Harrison. The authors are drawn from the legal and property professions and from universities around the world.

“The clear exposition of the merits of collecting land and natural resource rents whilst reducing or eliminating taxes on income earned by labour and capital is strongly recommended to all who wish to see economics recover its rightful place as the master social science.”
Brian Hodgkinson,  American Journal of Economics and Sociology

A number of readers have already voted for the book. Many thanks! As part of the voting process, readers can add an optional comment about their chosen book. Below are just a few of the wonderful comments which Rent Unmasked has received since voting opened.

“If only the wisdom contained in these essays and in Mason Gaffney’s own writings [would] find their way into the public dialogue over economic policy, the future would be much brighter than it is likely to be.”
“As world economies descend into a hopeless quagmire, the most obvious measure of the failure of modern economics is the extent to which we now allow publicly-generated land rent to be privately capitalised into ever higher land prices (and bubbles) at a clear cost to wages, earned profits and social health.”
“If you want to know how to cure the economic ills that produce vast inequalities, this is the book to buy. A thorough assessment of today’s economic system, written for the layman.”

If you have enjoyed Rent Unmasked and are a fan of Ethical Economics, Mason Gaffney, Fred Harrison or Land Value Taxation then please vote for the book in The People’s Book Prize before the end of February 2017. Thank you from all at Shepheard-Walwyn.

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Authors warn of coming financial crisis

It is no secret to many of our readers that an economy which ignores the vital contribution that a land value tax has to offer is subject to the peaks and troughs in the property market. Fred Harrison, the author of Boom Bust and other books predicted the crash of 2008 in 2005. He has recently being speaking to Joshua Philipp, a journalist for the International publication the Epoch Times. You can read the full article here. Some highlights from the piece are outlined below.

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“You can become wealthy by creating wealth or by appropriating the wealth created by other people. When the appropriation of the wealth is illegal it is called theft or fraud. When it is legal economists call it rent-seeking”

John Kay, Financial Times 27th Dec 2009

“If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, they cannot save the few who are rich.”

John F Kennedy, Inaugural Speech, Jan 1961

“If science is defined by its ability to forecast the future, the failure of much of the economics profession to see the crisis coming should be a cause for great concern”

Joseph Stiglitz

“Today we live in a world that is divided. A world in which we have made great progress and advances in science and technology. But it is also a world where millions of children die because they have no access to medicines… It is a world of great promise and hope. It is also a world of despair, disease and hunger”

Nelson Mandela


Rent Unmasked

Rent UnmaskedRent Unmasked explores the new economic paradigm that policy-makers need to solve global problems in the post-2008 era. With conventional economic theories discredited, the new model must equip governments with tools to re-stabilise societies in a dangerous world. Rent Unmasked explains why one paradigm only qualifies to serve this purpose: the dynamic model that reinstates time and space in economic theorising.

ISBN 9780856835117 | Price: £19.95

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