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Economic Justice

Further Reading: The Science of Economics by Raymond Makewell Progress and Poverty by Henry George Re-Solving the Economic Puzzle by Walter Rybeck Progress and Poverty by Brian Hodgkinson A reviewer  of The Science of Economics...

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Can LVT Save Us?

Further Reading: Progress and Poverty by Henry George The Traumatised Society by Fred Harrison Public Revenue Without Taxation by Ronald Burgess The Land Value Tax (LVT) is a “radical” form of taxation first proposed by Henry...

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Capitalism for the poor, Socialism for the rich

Further Reading: Lie of the Land by Duncan Pickard Ricardo’s Law by Fred Harrison The Traumatised Society by Fred Harrison In an article in the Guardian George Monbiot posed the question: ‘Why do we ignore the most blatant...

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The Science of Economics

The majority of the author’s professional life has been spent in banking and the computer industry. He had senior roles in the design of new technologies for banks by multinational companies and in the application of these technologies by banks. He discovered the economic teaching of Leon MacLaren in the late 1970s and has run public courses teaching these ideas for many years .

ISBN 9780856832918 | Price: £14.95

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The Fair Tax

The Fair Tax explains how a second massive transfer of wealth from the 99% to the 1% can happen again due to the ignorance of politicians, the hubris of the Department of Finance, and the continuing backroom influence of the developers and bankers. The authors clearly explain the real advantages of a Site Value Tax over a conventional property tax and convincingly show how easy it is to assess and implement.

ISBN 9780856832901 | Price: £11.95

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Rio+20 Earth Summit

Further Reading: Earth is Our Business by Polly Higgins Eradicating Ecocide by Polly Higgins Many of us have great hope riding on the result of the Rio+20 Earth Summit. We’re not sure what the outcome will be, but we know...

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Finalists in the 2012 People’s Book Prize

Further Reading: Re-solving the Economic Puzzle by Walter Rybeck   Three Shepheard-Walwyn authors have been voted through as finalists for the 2012 People’s Book Prize for non-fiction. This includes one of the titles from...

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Dialogue of Civilizations at the World Public Forum

Further Reading: Globalisation for the Common Good by Kamran Mofid Promoting the Common Good by Kamran Mofid When Philosophers Rule by Arthur Farndell Anthony Werner, the Managing Director of Shepheard-Walwyn was invited to...

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Win £250,000!

Further Reading: The Corruption of Economics by Mason Gaffney and Fred Harrison Mason Gaffney is Professor of Economics at the University of California, Riverside. He has written extensively on various aspects of resource...

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The Only Economic Reform Worth Talking About

Further Reading: Progress and Poverty by Henry George The Science of Political Economy by Henry George A lucid exposition of the merits of Land-Value Taxation and the contribution of Henry George to the science of political...

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