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What is the Chancellor to do?

Author Details: Henry Law, Henry took a degree in Chemistry but subsequently worked as a town planner dealing primarily with urban conservation and design. His writing has been published extensively in professional journals on...

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What is the answer?

When you consider it, we all have an ideological mind-set of some sort, but unlike our elected leaders, we’re not in a position to impose it on the wider public; which is probably their good fortune – and ours! In the real world, as they say, we’ve had a Labour ideology for the past thirteen years, but with an election shortly, a more Conservative ideology may replace it. If so, how much will change, or perhaps, how much can change?

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The People’s Budget

Although the Edwardian period may in retrospect appear to have been a golden age, it was in reality a time of much turbulence in the political and social fields. There were long and often violent strikes in the docks and coalmines as well as in other less vital industries.

ISBN 9780856832628 | Price: £7.95

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Ricardo’s Law

Ricardo’s Law judges Tony Blair’s decade in power. The author marshals the evidence to address four indictments of how the modern state operates, and how New Labour failed to advance its agenda. Blair was given a mandate to modernise Britain’s institutions and include everyone in the prosperity of the nation. Fred Harrison explains why this prospectus could not be realised, because tax policies continue to favour the rich and penalise the poor.

ISBN 9780856832413 | Price: £18.95

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Location Matters

Land rights confer wealth, but not uniformly. Location matters – building Canary Wharf in a desert without the associated infrastructure would not have made anyone richer. The same effort and investment on a prime site yields a far better return than on a marginal one.

ISBN 9780856832512 | Price: £8.95

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