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Despite the Welfare State and the redistribution of income through the tax system, the gap between the rich and poor continues to grow both within and between nations. The authors offer a different approach and argue that governments will fail unless they shake off the economic orthodoxy which is now one of the problems rather than the means to a solution.

Searching for a system of fair distribution of wealth, social justice and good health for all has been a quest for politicians, economists, social reformers and academicians for centuries. Dr Michael Hudson, UN Economic Advisor, Dr Miller, advisor with the London Medical Research Council and Dr Kris Feder, Professor of Economics at New York’s Bard College have combined their different disciplines to investigate the roots of the problems which over the ages have kept ‘a philosophy for a fair society’ at arms length.

Michael Hudson analyses the economic conditions of ancient societies, comparing them with conditions in today’s world. Dr Miller demonstrates not only that the poorest have grown poorer but their health has suffered disproportionately whilst Kris Feder argues that the philosophy of Henry George offers a synthesis between the thesis of capitalism and the antithesis of socialism.