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In Search of Truth

Brian Hodgkinson brings his skills as a historian to the fore in the telling of the story of the School of Economic Science, now in its eighth decade.

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Imputed Rights

One outcome of the Second World War, Professor Dawsey writes in his foreword to this edition, was the proposition that all human beings should enjoy certain fundamental freedoms. These were enshrined by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Paperback ISBN 9780856832727 | Price: £12.95

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Prime Minister – A Novel

The country is in crisis. Unrest and inner city tensions feed on unemployment. And as the Government struggles to contain the soaring debt, no one listens. Most are tired of ‘PR-savvy’ words, tired of the ‘blame-game’ that poses as debate.

ISBN 9780856832741 | Price: £9.95

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The People’s Budget

Although the Edwardian period may in retrospect appear to have been a golden age, it was in reality a time of much turbulence in the political and social fields. There were long and often violent strikes in the docks and coalmines as well as in other less vital industries.

ISBN 9780856832628 | Price: £7.95

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The President

The President goes missing. Every corner of the White House has been searched and double-checked, without success. The Vice President is in Europe, so the decision of whether to go public or not falls upon the Chief of Staff.

ISBN 9780856832611 | Price: £7.95

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Ricardo’s Law

Ricardo’s Law judges Tony Blair’s decade in power. The author marshals the evidence to address four indictments of how the modern state operates, and how New Labour failed to advance its agenda. Blair was given a mandate to modernise Britain’s institutions and include everyone in the prosperity of the nation. Fred Harrison explains why this prospectus could not be realised, because tax policies continue to favour the rich and penalise the poor.

ISBN 9780856832413 | Price: £18.95

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Boom Bust: House Prices, Banking and the Depression of 2010

In the five years since the first edition appeared, events have unfolded as predicted. In 2005 the consensus among forecasters was that the boom in house prices would cool to an annual 2 or 3% rise over the following years. In fact, in keeping with the ‘winner’s curse’ phase of the cycle described by the author, prices have risen by more than 10% per annum in Britain.

ISBN 9780856832543 | Price: £17.95

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Location Matters

Land rights confer wealth, but not uniformly. Location matters – building Canary Wharf in a desert without the associated infrastructure would not have made anyone richer. The same effort and investment on a prime site yields a far better return than on a marginal one.

ISBN 9780856832512 | Price: £8.95

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The Social Conscience

The author discusses the nature of the Social Conscience and the moral values that it embodies. Seeking to do what is right, motivated by a sympathetic awareness of others, driven by the instinct to care and acknowledging the necessity to share, the Social Conscience expresses innate moral values.

ISBN 9780856832482 | Price: £19.95

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More an allegory than a novel, Visitors describes the impact of beings from a distant planet on the political, economic and spiritual life of Britain and the world

ISBN 9780856832536 | Price: £9.95

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Standing for Justice: A Biography of Andrew MacLaren MP

Redistributing ever-growing levels of taxation has always been the major weapon for alleviating poverty but what is the cause of poverty? Andrew MacLaren MP, inspired by Henry George, saw clearly the underlying reasons. His views, and the solution to this grave social problem, which were endorsed by no less than five Prime Ministers, make fascinating reading.

ISBN 9780856831942 | Price: £12.95

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The Science of Political Economy

Henry George realised that the lack of a clear understanding of economics was the main obstacle to realising the reform he proposed in Progress and Poverty. In this book his aim was to set out ‘in clear and systematic form the main principles of political economy’.

ISBN 9780911312485 | Price: £10.95

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The Possibility of Progress

Drawing on evolutionary biology, the history of ideas, cultural anthropology, economic history, moral philosophy and social psychology, the book summarises key contributions from each in a style accessible to the general reader.

ISBN 9780856832260 | Price: £14.95

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The Rule of Law & Other Essays

The challenge of the twenty-first century is how to establish access to the resources of the earth for the whole population so that the able-bodied can support themselves. The welfare state can then be slimmed down to no more than is necessary to provide for the diseased and disabled.

ISBN 9780856832352 | Price: £14.95

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Globalisation for the Common Good

Despite a vast increase in world trade and many achievements in science, technology, medicine, transportation and communications, the global economy faces gross disparities of income, both within and between nations, and environmental degradation.

ISBN 9780856831959 | Price: £10.95

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A Philosophy for a Fair Society

Despite the Welfare State and the redistribution of income through the tax system, the gap between the rich and poor continues to grow both within and between nations. The authors offer a different approach and argue that governments will fail unless they shake off the economic orthodoxy…

ISBN 9780856831614 | Price: £12.95

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